La Route

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In this project, we investigate the meaning of Arab modern art museum by creating a route that brings visitors a sense of ritual.

The center and its layered peripheries are envisioned as the juxtaposition of intertwined intangible Arab-Islamic culture tradition and real everyday life.


Yutian Wang





'Museum of Unlimited Growth,' 1931 “Let us imagine a true museum, one that contained everything, one that could present a complete picture after the passage of time, after the destruction by time (and how well it knows how to destroy! So well, so completely, that almost nothing remains except objects of great show, of great vanity, of great fancy).”

Ritual: a religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order.

The concept is also a metaphoric move taht teh arab modern art museum is a shining eblem connecting the past an present of Sharjah’s belonging memory, the simple yet powerful move deviates from the boredom of migrating Islamic cultural heritage into elite modern architectural language which only offers an immediate labeled image of Sharjah or UAE as a whole.

above / below

enconter / farewell

near / far

walking / staying

Ground floor plan / basement plan

Section /  roof detail



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