APERTURE - Peace Pavilion

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The project is finding a form for communication between the Children and the Adults, the Peace and the War, the past and the future.

And it is also a pavilion about the children.
They are innocent.
Babies can’t choose to be born in a country without war.
Kids can’t defend themselves when violence approaches.
Teenagers can’t refuse to join the war if conscripted by the army.
And more than 120,000 child soldiers are fighting in Africa.

They are claiming, wars are for the future of our children. But without our children, it means nothing at all.


Min Cui






If the war continues, can we still see the blinking stars?

We provide a sloped playground enclosed by a double shell - to protect kids from the violence, from the conscription, from the greed of adult world. Adults’ activity is “limited” between two walls – semi-indoor permanent exhibition, and temporary exhibition on the ramp. Adults and children circulation “come across” each other at section, but they are connected only through the 1.5m aperture, which can be entered only when bending over.

Below the playground is the meditation space. We introduce the skylights with the same size as the feet. When children run around above, these skylights will be covered sometimes, blinking like stars, and audience will feel the innocence, happiness of children. So it is time for us to think, If the war continues, can we still see the blinking stars?

APRIL 2019


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