No Boundary

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The project starts with the idea of establishing the interaction between architecture and urban context by manipulating the boundary conditions of the building.
The design focuses on the two main qualities of the various conditions of the boundary; the first is the capability to accommodate different events between layers and the ability to rearrange the events' sequence. The second is the ability to build uncertainty and ambiguity between several pairs of relationships such as the private and the public, the interior and the exterior, the existence and the nothingness, the centrifugation and the centralization, regarding the spatial organization in Mexico City.

GSD 2017 Spring Option Studio_Moving things around, Exploring Rossi's Small Scientific Theatre

Wonne Ickx



Studio Project

Boundaries, space between boundaries, the forest of columns, and the cores shining behind the mist, all of these elements reproduce the spatial characteristics in Mexico City.

In Mexico City, in opposite to establish a distinct boundary between indoors and outdoors, there is a variety of approaches in defining a space such as the portico that divides the plaza and the garden, the canopies that define the area of street vendors, the street trees that separate the pedestrian and the avenue, etc.

The building possesses the ability to communicate with the surfaces around it, and to create new urban conditions together with them.

In 1978, Aldo Rossi made the model of Scientific Theater. He read it as a tool in investigating the urban composition. Similarly, the tool of design also has an impact on the process of design itself.

MAY 2017


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