Le Havre

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As Perret, the designer of Le Havre thought, the roof should be designed in continuity with the gardens on the ground and perceived from the window overlooking.
Now it is time for the roofs, but not only the roofs. The project will take the roof as a new layer for spaces, views, and new functions to revive its surrounding neighborhoods.

GSD 2016 Fall Option Studio_Le Havre: Transformation of the Reconstructed City

Michel Desvigne, Inessa Hansch



Studio Project

The need for creating visual connection, which is one character of the city, has been strengthened by various types of architectural components in Le Havre.

This project tries to anchor in the belief that a socially balanced city would benefit from greater social , economic diversification. Therefore, the introduction of these beautiful vantage points is supposed to bring new values and meanings to the other layers, including streets, courtyards, and spaces composed of them, and re-organize those different places in the city.

The provision of three various types of programs, which are housing, working place, and cultural facility, will 1. Complete the Perret’s proposal; 2. Densify and diversify the city by the provision of new functions; and 3. Improve the environment of the town by re-defining the courtyard as an integrated part with the roofs.



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